Our Legal Team

We devote about 70 percent of our team each week advocating for our clients' rights in court. The remaining 30 percent we dedicate to depositions and meeting with our clients.

Donald Smolen II, his brother Daniel, and longtime friend Oleg Roytman formed the Tulsa, Oklahoma firm of Smolen, Smolen & Roytman, PLLC, in 2004 to focus on civil tort litigation, civil rights, and employment law.

The firm has grown from a tiny office consisting of two rooms, to one of the largest Plaintiff-centric litigation firms in this part of the country. In 2007, the growing firm bought a run-down property in downtown Tulsa's business district and transformed it to a brick and steel structure that exemplifies the modernistic approach the firm takes to the law. In addition to housing over 22 employees, including lawyers, paralegals and nursing experts, the office fills with light and has a beautiful view of the downtown area.

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